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Weekend Special Story – Anekudu /Anegan Film Analysis

Anekudu -Anegan  release this year in Jan in both Tamil and Telugu markets.In Tamil got good reviews and hit talk where as in Telugu movie failed.Anekudu is Directed by KV Anand Rangam fame starring Dhanush and Amyra Dasture.

Movie is based on reincarnation theme like Maghadherra and Manam .same set of People will die and reborn again and again is the concept of reincarnation.

anegan9 - Weekend Special Story - Anekudu /Anegan  Film Analysis

Movie is definitely inspired by Dr  brian weiss’s work Many Lives and Many masters.Even a shot of book in Heroine’s house is there in one scene

I read this book around 2 years back and never read that book again.Because the book discusses so many things about the death and human existence  ,how some set of people will born again and again till their karma is finished with them.Book is having examples like in previous birth they are enemies but in this birth they will born as father and son.Son will die around when he is  10 years giving life long pain to father.So these kind of examples and philosophies behind these real life pat life regression  experiences made the book has a hard to read

brian-weiss - Weekend Special Story - Anekudu /Anegan  Film Analysis

We feel and live like there is no death but it slowly comes to us like a bull(Thats why in hindu mythology Yama is on bull signifying death will come to us slowly and we dont recognize it)Even if you wont trust or belief those things ,you will  little bit scarred by reading this book .The book is Dr brian weiss’s personal experiences with his patients about their past lives

So coming to the Anekudu deals with two lovers born again and again for different births but due to fate they cant live together.Again they will born in different circumstances among different set of people and again the same thing is being happened.Film starts with in burma backdrop in early 1930s .Dhanush is a tamilian labour worker where as heroine is a barma high born resident.After burma’s government’s order to leave tamilians from their countries these lovers are forced to separate. Dhanush is having a girl as his friend who is a jealous girl  loving him(Dhanush wont lover her) while Heroines’s uncle wants to marry heroine.So these two people are enemies to the love story and they will  born as enemies to hero and heroine repeatedly again and again in different births

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In next birth Hero will born as a small time rowdy and Heroine born as  a Brahmin  girl and  this time also  they will be separated .Kv Anand theme for the movie is not only rebirths but the society’s discrimination between love like rich and poor,Cast problems for love,love problems due to careers etc.He dealt these things repeatedly in the movie .

Current birth is hero and heroine will born again and they will meet in a software company.In this birth also their enemies from previous births will born again and create problems to the couple.How this time he story will end to know ,you have to see the film

Dhanush-Anegan-Movie-Release-Date-Star-Cast-Trailer-PostersFull-Wiki - Weekend Special Story - Anekudu /Anegan  Film Analysis

Movie is having strong visual scenes and cinematography is worth the praise.Songs and background music is nice ,Both Dhanush and Amyra Dasture performed very well.

Anegan_soundtrack - Weekend Special Story - Anekudu /Anegan  Film Analysis

Amyra Dasture overshadowed Dhanush in some scenes with her beauty and cute performance.KV Anand’s screenplay is very engaging and till the end it will put you on your edge of seats because of its twists.A must watch film for its bold  subject and treatment .So I am concluding this with brain weiss quote on rebirths

brain - Weekend Special Story - Anekudu /Anegan  Film Analysis



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