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Weekend Special Story -Chappie Blue Ray analysis

Chappie starts with an action scene where Robots are used as additional force to  cops to catch criminals.Movie is having really good special effects and it is a treat  to watch in Blue ray as images are visually striking .After successful first mission police force orders more robots .

dev - Weekend Special Story -Chappie Blue Ray Analysis

This robot concept is invented by Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) and produced by the corporation Tetra Vaal. Wilson,But Dev Patel wants to build Robots with artificial intelligence who can not only fight but can do creative things also and he discusses with his Head of robotics team and they wont give him the approval.Meanwhile Vincent Moore ( Hugh Jackman aka wolverine ), who blames Wilson(Dev Patel) for Moore’s own robot project getting cutback and devvopes a professional rivalary with him

cha6 - Weekend Special Story -Chappie Blue Ray Analysis

Movie takes place a sudden twist when bunch of thieves caught in Mafia racket and their only way to get out is to rob a bank but the problem is with the robotics technology as Robots are working with cops for them it will be very difficult to pull the robbery .So they want to kidnap this technology creator Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) to create a robot for them .

cha3 - Weekend Special Story -Chappie Blue Ray Analysis

After he got kidnapped he creates Chappie not just a robot but with human Intelligence .Then what happens you  have to see the movie.

Director Blomkamp’s of the critically acclaimed and financially successful science fiction film District 9 and the science fiction film Elysium .His films are having underlying themes .District 9 discusses human’s fascination towards advanced technology while Elysium gives a message that how far you go ,you should remember your home. Chappie theme is based on modern society’s destructive ways and parents choices and  effects on kids .

cha7 - Weekend Special Story -Chappie Blue Ray Analysis

Director takes this theme and made chappie .Chappie robot grows with thieves and robs banks as their parents taught him those things while his creator Dev patel always  reminds chappie that his main purpose is to do good things .At last of the movie chappie robot finds the real purpose of creation and uses is intelligence for great good by destroying  a big monster robot who is destroying the city  created by  Vincent Moore ( Hugh Jackman aka wolverine )  , So movie is having themes of  internal conflicts and choices we should make

On coming to the pluses movie is having really a great performance from Dev Patel who rocked with his emotional performance with beautiful shots and amazingly done special effects.

hugh - Weekend Special Story -Chappie Blue Ray Analysis

Big disadvantage for the movie is Hugh Jackman .His character is jealous ,over ambitious robotics developer who lost control of his mind to achieve his goal.He is like having 3 scenes in overall movie and this movie is the perfect example case study  for filmmakers on casting and  it shows us a badly casted character can  reduces movies success .Really Hugh Jackman character is totally wasted and he is a wrong casting choice for the movie and it effected movie very badly.Overall movie can be watched once for its strikingly beautiful visual scenery and special effects.Watch it on blue ray for ultimate experience


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