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Weekend Special Story – Into The Wild Film Analysis A Classic for generations for its message

Into the wild is directed by Sean Penn(He acted as a hero in many blockbusters) starring Emile Hirsch  It is the real biography of a guy named Chris McCandless who became a hippie and traveled many places for an adventure or to experience life in Nature. Definitely movie theme is lies in  the title itself Into the wild.The journey is not important but characters and persons he encountered and their lives shape him into further

Above quote from the film  perfectly captures the theme of the movie.Hero of the movie completely shunned by his parents and their expectations so he stars a journey on his own to explore the human spirit and possibilities through nature.

Movie raises questions about what is happiness and how to live the life in a happiest way.Although the methods shown in the movie to live life as the way hero did are not applicable to everyone but man himself need to find a way for himself to live a healthier, happier and adventurous life on his standards

Dialogues of the movie are treat to here and every dialogue as a underlying message and there is some kind of beauty in every frame and scene.Every dialogue is written with respect to the real emotional feelings when he is in hard aspects of life which were written in his biography,those original dialogues are placed in the movie

Director did good job on bringing the emotions in last 30 mins with high side emotions and cast is exceptional in every scene , Movie will remain as a cult classic for generations for its message

Pacing of the movie is little slow and some scenes are long but every film student should watch this movie for beautiful locations and awestruck cinematography.So many still camera shots are there with clear precision and clarity.It gave a feeling like discovery photography to the flick.Into the wild is a much watch flick for every movie lover for its beautiful message ,wonderful visuals and meanigfull dialogues



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