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Weekend Special Story -John Wick film Analysis

John wick – before starting the Analysis Keenu Reeves just Rocked as a Perfect Hitman in this movie.So whatz it about?

Story is pretty simple ,I don’t know how he put this simple story and convinced everybody to do it because it is about a guy taking revenge on guys who killed his Dog and stole his car.Yeah, film opens very straight manner by 2 guys broke into heroe’s house ,kills his dog and stole his car.When watching it these  scenes it looked silly but in one scene director just changed this silly plot into a powerful vengeance thriller.After they stole his car these guys goes to his father  viggo who is a big don and says what happened.His father scolds him and says he cant protect him as he messed with John wick who was a big hitman once and this scene ,dialogues the setup of heroism is peaks.You have to watch the movie how this scene got worked out.

Whats good?

In this movie action so slick and stylish .Keanu Reeves rocked with his expressions and he is extremely stylish in action scenes through out the movie.he carried the film on his shoulders with ease.If movie has a great  story then burden on hero will be less ,if a movie has a very simple story like john wick hero will have burden and keenu Reeves worth the ticket.Cinematography is brilliant and lots of different color scheming are executed based on scenes.Run time is 105 mins so very neatly edited film

On the whole John wick should be watched by every action movie lover who loves gangster movies for its Action scenes,cinematography and of cource hero Keenu Reeves.Screenplay-every aspiring film student should download and read the screenplay of John wick to understand how to write dialogues for action scenes. A must watch

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