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Weekend Special Story – Onamalu Film Analysis

On browsing Youtube I accidentally found this movie Onamaalu starring Rajendra Prasad and directed by a debute director Kranthi Madhav.It is released in 2012 almost 3 years back but mvoie is good so I am writting nalysis on this.I didn’t expected a great story like that but after I finished watching it film moved me little bit.Production values are average,movie was shot on a minimum budget etc but movie carried a great feel with it.

Movie is about a school teacher is staying in America with his Son’s family but he always misses his school and village.So he returns to his village by not telling to his son.First half of the movie is about his teaching days ,festivals in village ,Indian traditions ,culture,human values .Rajendra Prasad narrates his story to Raghu Babu a cab driver on the way to his village.But when he reaches his village he will be devastated by the change in village and people’s values .

definitely movie will be liked  very much by elder people  as this story will relate to them more.Movie focuses on current generation’s beliefs,technology syndrome,how youth are being sidetracked etc .Movie pays tribute to the all teachers especially government teachers.Although every sarkari job doesn’t have sincerity in their jobs except teachers, I feel most of Government teachers feel responsible towards their job although they are not having enough resources.Once in an interview Steven Spielberg said ‘Teachers are the most underpaid and undervalued superheroes”.Its sad but quite true.

Movie touched so many sensible topics and director never overboard with his views.Film says technology is good that doesnt mean youth should be slaves to technology.Learne many languages but dont forgot telugu.In one scene depicts a guy says by drinking water  from water cans is prestige now a days and Rajendra prasad explains about the rivers in india is quite a good scene.

Gandhi said”Pallele Desaniki pattukommaalu” .Movie depicts the statement in sincere way and reminds how villages are suffering with out electricity,poor infrastructure,bad schools because everybody is leaving their villages for their  greater good.Movie never says to live in villages if you have opportunities in cities or other counties  but just remember your villages and try to give something back to your villages whenever you got time.Movie is having some great dialogues and I liked one particular dialogue very much “Bharata Desaniki swatantryam vachhi 64 yellu avutuunna 24 gantalu current ichhukoleni paristhi”.

Watch the movie if you want to see a genuine effort and movie itself is a rare piece of art.

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