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Weekend Special Story -The Imitation Game film Analysis

Weekend Special Story -The Imitation Game Film Analysis

The Imitation game – outstanding is the word. So lets get into the analysis written by Cinemababu

Whats it about?(A real story)

Its about a real life events took place in worldwar 2 of a guy name Alan Turing(Do you ever heard  the concept of Turing machines-He  gave the basic foundation to invent Computers,after that Charles babbage created perfect first computer).Nazis German government made a concept called Enigma ,everyday a secret statement will be passed from hitler to the generals where they should attack and all attack details.After a lot of struggle British government makes a duplicate enigma but the problem is to start the machine a code is needed and every morning a new code will be generated.

alan3 - Weekend Special Story -The Imitation Game Film Analysis

So british government appointed best intellectuals and gave the task to decode the secret statement for everyday.These people will try but it is almost impossible to crack it and even though they cracked it the attack will be already over and next day new code will be generated automatically and again they have to crack code for each day. So Alan turing proposes that we have to make a machine which can decode settings everyday automatically ,every body laughs at that idea and all other team members put aside him but eventually he succeeds and brtitan government used this machine and counter attacked all german attacks.So Alan turing played a major role of winning worldwar2 for british alliances againist hitler .But Alan Turing did not get the recognition for his work when he lived but it is not the sad thing but the saddest thing is his personal life.

alan9 - Weekend Special Story -The Imitation Game Film Analysis

This subject is little bit bold because Alan Turing was a gay and he struggled with this aspect emotionally through out his life ,In 1930’s it was a big crime to have homosexual  feelings.Sadly after all his inventions ,he faced a trail before queen Elizabeth  for his homosexuality and queen elizbeth gave him two choices.A 5 year jail term or chemical castration (forcibly removing sexual feelings with use of chemicals) .Alan turing chose the chemical castration as he cant live without research and experiments and he thought jail is not a place for him.But the side effects of castration continued and he even cant focus and became very dull so he committed suicide in his 40s.In 2010 britan new queen Elizabeth made a public apology by saying ‘The man of such caliber shouldn’t be treated and punished like that  and it indeed sad that we didnt appreciated his service to the britan ‘ and granted pardon to him

Lets talk about the movie

Movie plot is same as explained above and Benedict Cumberbatch played role of Alan turing.Although movie did some changes it stayed true to the biography. Benedict got into the skin completely and delivered a fabulous performance .Benedict is famous for his Sherlock holmes portrayed in Hbo series but never brings that personality into this ,He emoted well in scenes related to his personal life(Watch the scene where he revealed about his sexuality to his wife) and he portrayed Turings frustrations correctly as nobody is believed in him and his authorities felt he is a crazy guy .All supporting cast did good and Kiera kNightly played wife role and she is charming with her performance.Only guy who supported Alan turing is Sir Stewart Graham Menzies  done by Mark strong who was a KI6 british spy who played a major role in worldwar2.

alan5 - Weekend Special Story -The Imitation Game Film Analysis

Direction is indeed wonderful as director selecting this sensible bold subject and made movie in an emotional way.Actually we can related to Alan Turing on screen how much he suffered as a neglect genius .Cinematography is nicely done by captuting the era of worldwar2 and editing is average as movie is little bit slow and dragged in some parts.Some scenes from First half should have been trimmed.

Overall movie is a great tribute to Alan Turing who gave foundation for computers .Movie makers did great thing by showing this genius story to the world .In 2012 throughout the world especially in Britain total computer community (software professionals,researchers,computer bloggers) celebrated Alan Turing’s 100 the birthday celebration.At last a genius like him got noticed after 100 years and common man like us still wondering why I am not getting recognition for my efforts.Because this world is very sad hypocritical world


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