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Weekend Special Story -Tommorrowland film Analysis

Tommorrowland is about the dreams ,passion and looking the world with a different perspective theme incorporated with  scifi genre .

Movie starts with a small kid named Frank walker goes to a scientific invention Centre with a prototype of  jetpack and wants to register the scientific invention conference happening in Tommorrowland which is having access to limited set of worthy  people. But they reject him as he is a kid but another girl Athena will give him a chip pass for Tommorrowland.

Now movie will shift to a another sub story of a girl cassy (britt robertson) finds a chip and when she touches the chip she is feeling the beautiful tommorrowland.So she wants to get there with help of Frank(Played by George cloony) and how she will reach the destination is the theme

First of all the cast did terrific job including kids.George colony is always best as usual but the complete showstealer is britt Robertson .She is perfectly carried the role and she got lot of energy.

Director Bradbird who directed many animation movies and mission Impossible 5 again proved what  master director he is.Give him a good story and he will use his imagination and will carry that to a great movie.In this movie action is good and Tommorroland scenes are very creative with beautiful vfx.Human imagination has no limits -this is the concept of the movie and this quote perfectly describes directors vision here

Story is completely original with lots of surprising elements and theme of the movie is great and inspiring .Only problem with the movie is the ending as it is not that much great

Filmstudents should watch it for the dialogues  set pieces and How efficiently can show a normal scene to a brilliant one .Audience can watch it atleast once because Tommorrowland is completely original well directed movie with beautiful message about creativity,dreams and reaching them with nice performances and VFX.I am concluding this article with a beautiful quote from the movie


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