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Weekend Special Stroy- Rush film is highly inspirational

What is it about ?

The film opens with a Niki lauda voice over by ‘Twenty-five drivers start every season in Formula One, and each year two of us die. What kind of person does a job like this? Not normal man for sure. Who else? Rebels, lunatics, dreamers, people who are desperate to make a mark and are prepared to die trying.’ Film is about the sport of formul racing and how risky it is being a F1 racer.Although it appreas very safe sport from outside ,actually it is very risky as racers have to compete with time in seconds to reach goal.

Rush film is directed by Ron Howard (also directed a beautiful mind,appolo 13) movie based on a real story  about 1970s F1 racers  star James Hunt and his -clashing rivalry with the  Niki Lauda .Films tells about the top racers of 1970 era and how these two people are constantly competed with each other to improve themselves.They dont considered  this is a rivalry but used as fuel to their winning spirit.

rush9 - Weekend Special Stroy- Rush Film Is Highly Inspirational

Niki Lauda is a top F1 racer who doesnt want to do his family business so he quarreled with his father and stated his racing career on his own by taking loan from a bank and raised very high in racing career.He had a knowledge on how to improve car speeds and cars mechanisms .Niki lauda is very honest,highly devoted to his career,a shy person,harshly speaks about people .So this make him having very fewer friends in his life and he got some kind of jealous towards his another rival James Hunt(James hunt is a guy who loves his life to the core,famous for his looks and charm,lives his life on edge).but Niki believes there is always a 20% chance of accident in racing every time he drives a  f1 car  .He believes  putting 20% chance of risk is fine but he cant afford a 1% risk more than that

rush3 - Weekend Special Stroy- Rush Film Is Highly Inspirational

but James is a guy who wants to put everything including his life ,family,assets to win a race in an aggressive way.James Hunt is jealous towars Niki bacuase of Niki’s dedication ,sharpness and commitment .Both these racers put their passion into F1 racing and bring glory to the F1 racing in those era and their stories are inspirations to next generation f1 drivers

Whats inspiring is a event took place in 1976  german grand race .Niki stated the race on that day can be a serious threat to the lives of f1 racers due to extreme weather conditions but James hunt convinced everyone to race by stating if race got  canceled  there is no chance for them to increase points.So race took place on that day and sadly Niki lauda wounded very badly (his face totally burned) in a fatal F1 car accident.He is on bed for 45 days but he was not able to sleep on hospital bed while his professional enemy James Hunt winning all games.So he came back after 45 days  with his fatal wounds and won that race in a grand way

rush-7 - Weekend Special Stroy- Rush Film Is Highly Inspirational

before the Camera Niki played by Daniel bruhl played the character with needed intensity and he exactly imitated original Niki in terms of appearance and accent.James Hunt played by Chris Hemmsworth(Thor  franchise fame) is absolute delight in his role.All other cast done great job

behind the camera Director showed brilliant inspiring tale with style and good no of F1 car chases.Cinematography is top notch watch climax race .It was done with quite a style.Bckground music is very inspiring and added the punch needed to the movie.Director showed the personalities of two racers ,their thinking styles and their admiration towards each of them although they are rivalries they liked each other and there is admiration between them 

rush7 - Weekend Special Stroy- Rush Film Is Highly Inspirational

Overall film is a must watch for its chases and story. Filmstudents can learn how to write or can develop characters by watching this movie.A must watch film for its inspirational message ,cinematography and performances


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