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Weekend Special -Surya vs Surya Film Analysis

Read the analysis on Surya vs Surya movie written by Cinemababu 

Surya vs Surya I didnt got the opportunity to watch in Theatre so today I watched it on DVD .In 100’s of  house based routine fares atleast someone is making good movies.Director Karthik Ghattamaneni and actor Nikhil both deserves appreciation for this kind of story.Taking this kind of story is a big risk especially in tollywood.

Whats it about?

sv5 - Weekend Special -Surya Vs Surya Film Analysis

Movie tells a story about a guy who is suffering with Porphyria, that prevents him from going outside during the day and can lead to serious burns  ,so he lives only on night.He attends a night college and he finds friends in an auto driver(Satya) and old age man(Tanikella bharani).He feels in love with a TV reporter and whether he will be able to suceed in his love or not is the story

Nikhil is improving day by day and Tanikella bharani,satya are delight to watch.Director did a different story with good screeenplay.First half of the movie is throughly hilarious where as second half a bit emotional.Climax is below average,should have been concentrated more

sv9 - Weekend Special -Surya Vs Surya Film Analysis

The best thing about the movie is Cinematography Karthik director himself.He holds great command in his craft.Every song is gorgeous and quality of the film is top notch.He gave the film a new urban night breezy look and there is so much softness in the light.Mostly color contains blue and yellow through out the movie is a right choice as most of the movie is on night and those colors are better for night scenes.Hrudayam song is the best in whole movie with all colors and lightning setting

sv999 - Weekend Special -Surya Vs Surya Film Analysis

Overall a different movie with good humor and a light heart entertainer.Anybody interested in cinematography or visually striking films should definatly watch this movie with keen observation.I am concluding this article with a cinematography quote


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  1. Excellent movie, good that atleast some websites are picking up n reminding viewers

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