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Weekend SpecialStory – 100 Days of Love Film Analysis

Analysis written by Cinemababu , I watched this movie as Dulquer doing quality cinema and he didn’t disappointed with movie or his performance.He is really savior for Malayalam cinema as he is drawing huge crowds from other states also with his performance,So lets get into the analysis

Dalquer Salmaan name is no need of Introduction for current generation of Cinema.After Banglore days his fame and name widespread to every south State.he is doing quality movies with beautiful messages.100 days of Love is also same kind of film which we are expecting from Dalquer.This movie released in same time with OK bangaram and although movie is a hit , it didn’t got the credit it needed and lost in OK bangaram’s publicity wave.Actually this movie is much cuter and nice movie than OK bangaram

Movie is about a rich kid named bala played by Dulquer  who is working as a columnist for a news paper instead of taking his family business. According to his family, relatives he is a loser as he is doing an unconventional job as a news columnist  but Dulquer has an idea of developing  political satirical cartoons .Meantime he meets Nitya menon and got to know that she is a childhood friend him.You have to watch the movie to find the cute love story and comic flashback behind this love story.Nitya is already engaged to a rich guy and whether dulquer succeeds in his love or not you have to watch the flick

Movie is slow but as progresses you will completely love the cute story.Actually the pacing makes movie completely drawn into the beautiful world with its cinematography and performances.Movie deals with the struggles facing by current youth in their jobs ,dilemna in their love stories and pursuing their dreams .Dulquer and Nitya totally rocked and lived in their charecters.Watch the scenes where he expresses his love ,Dulquer friend created some humor in his role

Best thing about the movie is its cinematography and in many scenes soft light is used on actors to get a feeling of love story. Lightning is biggest strength of the film because it is not totally colorfull like other love stories actually it is dull lightning but sets the mood of the film slowly and cinematographer is the biggest plus for this film as he approached different kind of lightning settings.This film is a must watch if anybody loves watching nice love stories

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