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Who Am I film Analysis – One of the best thrillers on cyber Hacking

Who Am I- What a great way of presenting cyber hacking visually. Well done

This is a German  movie  2014  is about ‘ Benjamin, a young German computer whiz, is invited to join a subversive hacker group that wants to be noticed on the world’s stage’. So he and another 3 hackers will form a hacking group named clay and do all hacking stuff for fun.They idealize another famous hacker MRX and want to meet him but MRX  totally ridicule this clay hacker group.So hero and their froend wants to hack National intelligence security to make their presence in cyber world.This is when the trouble starts and their fun becomes a dangerous sport .What happens is -you have to watch the movie

Everybody gave their best performances .Love story between hero and heroine is very subtle and added emotional depth to the story.There are scenes showing good friendship in the movie. Perfectly good movie for younger audience as there are lots of computer stuff is there in the movie

Coming to the direction-did an excellent job without losing the plot and you completely hooked to the mystery .The brilliance of the movie is take on cyber scenes.Normally cyber scenes involving lots of technical stuff but this movie shows them as scenes like they created a separate cyber world in the movie for viewer understanding.

A great thought you will know when you watch the movie.Cinematography is so nice and visually bright.Music is perfectly done.This movie is perfect in many ways.The climax I thought that it is going the same way like all other movies but directory surprised me with a great twist

Finally Who am I is a must watch movie for its execution of scenes.This is a great case study on how to present a scene to audience,enthuastic film students should defiantly watch this movie for executing a scene with clear understanding.Normal audience should watch for its brilliance thriller elements and one of the best movie on cyber hacking themes.If you are familiar with computers terminology you shouldn’t miss this movie.A perfect thrilling movie for technical savvy dudes


Written by Cinemababu

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