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Why Christopher nolan is great article

The man The Myth the legend

1.Technology achievements

Inception gravity sequence

Nolan always inventing new menthol in film making .Example is Inception hallway fight sequence Instead of CGI they created whole set and actors tied to ropes for the required output

Dark knight Rises plane crash

They placed this aircraft model on the ground and filmed the fight sequence ,late used minimal CGI to look like a moving plane scene

interstellar film shoot

While the film shoot took place in many countries they modified the locations as per the requirement.See they wearing customized boots for easy walking as they modified the surface of the location

Imax camera craze

he re invented the imax camera craze as many directors feel it us extremely difficult to use this camera Nolan raised the bar with Dark knight using this camera

For batman series nolan and team build the real car

Almost in all his movies where ever possible he did with real sets,object and people.he is very against to CGI .The one scene where he failed is for batman begins. In climax fight sequence batman jumps with all bats.production team place all bats but in shoot they did fly in ziz zag way after that the bats are created using CGI

Bat wing scene from Dark knight rises shooting

2.he is a master Dialogue writer – some of quotes from his movies

below quote tells us that how guilt can destroy.Many of relationships fail because of the guilt of mistakes they did

3.A great screen writer -although he is collaborated with David s goer and his brother Jonathan nolan for most of his movies (thanks to the people who researched and put in images)

interstellar time line

inception levels explained

memento movie chart

the reverse screenplay is very hard to write

A theme assigns to characters

not just he writes story but he is very particular about his characters and assigns a theme to them

he frequently collobrates with his actors and technicians so he never forget his roots and likes to give chances if he feel they will do justice to the role.there are many instances where he fought with studios for people

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