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Why Gone girl will get most number oscars in 2015 in thriller category?

Gone Girl  movie starts with a powerful dialogue about marriage  as “When I think of my wife….I always think of her head.I picture cracking her lovely skull.Unspooling her brains.Trying to get answers.The primal questions of any marriage.”What are you thinking?””How are you feeling?””What have we done to each other?”

The plot centers on the failed marriage of the beautiful, accomplished magazine writer Amy Elliott (whose childhood was immortalized by her parents in a creepy children’s book series, “Amazing Amy”) and Nick Dunne, a handsome aspiring novelist from Missouri. Their conjugal happiness is first interrupted by the financial crisis: Nick and Amy lose their magazine jobs, sell their brownstone, and buy a house in Missouri, where Nick can attend to his dying mother. The mother duly dies. The couple is haunted by Nick’s foul-mouthed, demented father, who periodically escapes from his care facility and runs around town shouting vile things at women. Nick uses the last of Amy’s trust fund to open a bar.One day Amy missed from the house and the mystery begins.Where is Amy,who kidnapped her,Is she Alive?…

Gone girl  deals with the mystery of a missing wife and how her family members are coping with the situation.It is actually a satire on marriage itself.In one scene husband asks his wife”We are always fighting each other,we are not happy .what is this?”Then wife replies “this is marriage.Marriage is pain and start get used to it.”Movie gives a message in a satirical tone how some marriages are broken but they will still live together in sake of society.It also shows how media will add their own spiced up stories to the actual events.

Ben Affleck  did a commendable job as a lazy husband and a careless person.He portrayed his emotions well in dealing  with media scenes. Rosamund pike is the real show stealer.She portrayed as an overprotective wife and an eccentric persona. Neil Patrick Haris as a rich playboy man is a good casting choice.Director David Fincher did a wonderful  job  in telling stroty in a very engaging way. visual style of film is as  good as his previous films like Fight club,Girl with the Dragon tatto. As 2015 Oscar buzz is already started ,Gone girl is competing with other best films of 2014 like Fury,Unbroken,The theory of everything,Grand Budhapest Hotel,Into the woods for oscar nominations.It may get nominations in  Best Adopted screenplay,Best Female Actor,Best sound design,Best Sound Mixing,Best original score ,Best Editing Categories.It can win 3 Oscar awards in Best Female actor-for Rosamund Pike as she did a terrific performance,in Best Adopted screenplay,in Best Editing-as it is the first film used Adobe Premier CC in editing.

Final word is Gone Girl is one of the best thrillers in visual style as well as in story telling  in recent years and it has so much potential to win good number of Oscars wins for January 2015.

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