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Will Neethu Chandra act in ‘Bruce Lee’

RGV recently announced that is ready with 3 films, one among them is Bruce Lee. On hearing the title people will think that it is Hero oriented film…then you are wrong it is an Female oriented film and Rom Gopal Varma is looking for a fresh face to act in that movie.

RGV approached Neethu Chandra to train the new Heroine, who is still not finalized. Neethu is an expert in Martial arts, and now she is in a confusion why RGV is looking for a new one when I am here and fits for the role absolutely. There are chances that she may reject to train the new person.

Actually Neethu entered into Bollywood with Garam Masala, and in Tollywood she did an entry with Sumanth in Gadavari. But she has not received/recognized by the Tolly/Bollywood, in this scenario its good to accept the role of trainer instead of waiting and asking the role of Heroine.

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