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Will Srihari quit from Acting?

Srihari, the Sherkhan of Tollywood industry. He started his acting career as Villain.Then he turned as a hero. He was proven as Versatile actor. He received many appreciations, awards for his performance. Recently he was recognized as “Sher Khan of Tollywood”.

He was elected for that title only because of the indigence acting showed in Magadheera movie as “sher Khan”. He has seen many up and downs in his filmy career too.

Two days back he attended ‘Toofan’ audio launch function. He announced that RamCharan requested him to come to Mumbai once. He started on the same day and reached there. Later he was told that he needs to perform a character in ‘Toofan’ movie. Srihari replied back to director stating that he is not interested in acting and he was tired too.

He wants to give up acting. Not sure of the reasons for quitting. Later he commented that “he wants to act in each film of ‘Apoorva Lakhia’ direction.

He was completely aroused with his co-ordination and direction. We request Srihari not to abandon from acting since they are few people in the Tollywood industry who stood as the backbones.

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