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World politics special – Donald Trump and His chances of Presidency

I am following US elections from a year ,read blogs political books ,individual forums ,individual videos,researched about conspiracy theories ,so I will give my view based on info I had.You may or disagree but I am giving my points here

  • Indians are really paranoid of Donald trump .Not only Indians but US citizens also worried about him
  • First he is not a political candidate and he is a businessman .So people are worried how he can handle govt without any experience and Trump is famous for his controversies.
  • Coming to Indian citizens especially students are worried about Trump as he is saying his view on Immigration
  • but these are far fetched fears because if you going to US with valid certificates then there will be no problem if he elected.
  • Most of Indians are really against trump because US media is completely against him .Indian media directly picks the news from major channels from west even with out proper research and giving news
  • My view is there is no need to fear him because he is also normal human being and he is very calculative in his decisions .He appears like he acts in an impulsive manner but he got brilliant mind and he is the least interested in wars or aggression because his expertise always in economy but as per Indians concerned more than 70% against him
  • Trump on India

  • At first everyone laughed on his nomination but now he is on verge of becoming president.Watch this video and how brilliant his mind works

In below video how he attracted the crowd .It seems the kid is only saying last word for a question asked to him. So Trump figured it out and the last answer by kid made the crowd into cheers

2016 donaldtrump uselections
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