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World politics special – Syria and truth about civil war

I am not a political expert but i will give you unbiased view on this matter

As per my limited knowledge by reading different blogs ,opinions of Syrian people in various forums,watching different documentaries I am giving view here

why US attacking in Syria in first place.Assad is there a president for 10 years and people actually loved him.father of Assad is Hafez al-Assad, who was President of Syria from 1971 to 2000.After 30 years Assage drawn to power at that time he is working as a military doctor.After came into the power other opposition parties heavily criticized for continuous ruling of assad family .So Assad made many promises but in his first term he is not able to fulfill all promises because even though Assad is a reasonable guy the corruption is so deep that it should be removed from a root level and it will take much time .Definitely there will be some backslash from people after these many years and especially after 2010 the riots began with different individual rebel groups but UN and west should give some time to Assad and their Govt.

These are interview statements from joshua M. Landis (born May 14, 1957) is an American academic who specializes in the Middle East and is an expert on Syria

“[He] brought in all these social networking mechanisms — Facebook and the Internet,” Landis said. “The Internet had been band in Syria. He brought in newspapers. He legalized satellite TV. He allowed Syrians to connect with the world, become educated to the ways of the world and begin to see the flaws in the Syrian system. … By opening up Syria to the world, a very closed society, he didn’t realize he was sowing his own demise … and that’s why there is revolution today.”

The protests are not against Assad the man, Landis said.

“It’s not around his personal character, it really isn’t. And one of the tragedies of this is you’ve got a fairly decent guy who’s trapped in a really bad regime,” he said. “Syrians liked him, many Syrians did, as a person. They didn’t like the system. … They found him sympathetic and they were hoping that he would be able to put a chicken in every pot.”

In 2011 itself Western countries named Syria as a war state and Assad should resign.On what basis he should resign ?60% people are happy under his regime and in any govt some groups will not get justice due to various reasons .So the so called justice western leaders should support Syrian govt for atleat 2 years and should give time to the govt to take care of these problems if they really concerned about civilians.

In an interview Assad also said same thing that ‘some rebels are corrupt and they want to overthrow the govt and started civil war ,US presidents didn’t have talks with me and directly send their army .They also blown a Syrian truck with is having soldiers .Now that place is completely filled with Jihadists and syrian people are not having any choice as their Govt is became inefficient due to this foreign invasion so people are going as refugees’

Is this a good strategy to put arms and powerful rocket launchers in hands of rebels?

Nooooo. The asnswer from US leaders is that ‘we won’t use out army because in Afghanistan war so many US soldiers dead so we will give arms to these rebels so that they will fight for their own freedom “

Any sane person who hear this say it is insane.Putting arms under rebels some of them are extreme ISIS groups –Terrorists . If you can’t solve the problem then wait for some more time instead of throwing govt using ISIS . is this justice .now that place is filled with ISIS and most of operations are done in that regions.

pro Assad movement in 2011 by civilians.The Guardian reported on 22 March 2011 that one response of the Syrian authorities to the unrest was to organise pro-Assad rallies. Pro-Assad rallies were held inn the capital city of Damascus on 25 March. In mid-June, rallies in support of Assad and his government increased; protests held in front of the French and Turkish embassies over their condemnations of the Syrian government’s response to the unrest, and on 15 June, people at a pro-government demonstration in Damascus carried a 2.3 kilometres (1.4 mi)-long Syrian flag down Mezzeh boulevard. State television reported that two million people attended to express Syrian national unity and Syria’s rejection of foreign interference in its internal affairs. In a poll conducted in that year 55% Syrians don’t want Assad to resign

The media reports of Assad’s crimes are completely ridiculous We really can’t trust media as there even faking videos. We don’t know who is Assad as a person and I personally don’t know any Syrians as friends so I don’t know which is true.We are only getting information from media and blindly listening and Saying Assad is a cruel person .i won’t agree that whatever is happening in Syria is fault of everyone including Assad govt,US govt,rebels .Whose fault that Syria became a war country we can’t decide But listening to Assad interviews he seems a reasonable person

See below staged video by CNN for a gulf war .Super creativity used by CNN team

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