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Writer’s Special – 10 Tips from Batman triolgy writer David S Goer

David S goer is a commercial writer .He wrote many scripts and he is famous for his Batman trilogy and blade series.He discusses his thought processing and techniques here

1.Ttitle should be good and should convey its genre .

2.Start with low budget scripts ,so that you can learn writing dialogues and writing with limitations.

3.Writing should be connected with real human emotions and life experiences even if it is a scifi.Best eample is Avatar.

4.With Budget ,story will keep on change in its execution.

5.Have to Know your DNA of your main charecter ,means if he is reacting to a particular situation in a way ,then he should react in same way in similar to another situation unless it is a major characterization change.

6.Dont put rules on your writing if you got a natural flow.He discusses about man of steel climax here.

7.Gaming Industry is evolving so try to write short stories for games.Adopting games to a screen is very difficult as it is difficult to convince the same environment to movies.

8.Writers block is most difficult to get out ,so try to think overall perspective not with a particulat scene when you stuck with a block

9.In 2 hrs srory will be compressed when adopted to a screen ,so write incredible beginnin,middle,End .

10.Watch your previous works when writting a new story.


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