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Year end special – 2015 year is the best year for Hollywood for this decade

Article is written by Cinemababu

yes you heard it right ,2015 year is the best year for Hollywood for this decade.Cinemababu will give why this is the year that Hollywood will never forget in terms of boxoffice and critical acclaim. Tons of movies released this year and lots of them are quite good.

1.Hollywood played well the reboot craze

Jurassic park was released in 1990s and at that time it was a craze to watch dinosaurs on big screen.Current generation watched them on Tvs and Netflix .So steven speilberg and production team played their cards very well as they know current generation will watch them again for big screen pleasure.Although movie is a ok movie still film made a huge 1.6 billion dollors. Same thinh happened with Starwars also so from next year onwards we can expects reboots(although earlier reboots happened like spiderman,fantastic four,Robocop as there is not much time gap between originals and reboots) of Indiana jones and all other blockbuster franchises which are not seen by this generation

2.2015 is having movies which are having great female charecters as leads

Mad max furosia played by Charlize theron went to become a raze for action movies interms of box-office and critical success.Mission impossible 5 is having¬† the lead actress is the prime plot of the movie and having same screen time as Tom cruise unlike previous MI movies. Melissa McCarthy’s spy got released and this spy action comedy movie is a huge success.Ex machina,spectre,joy,hungergames,Sicario are on the list .Not to mention 50 shades of grey(Kidding-this is the worst female character ever written -actually much terrible than bella from twilight)

3.Animation movies rocked this year

Minions got released and 1.3 billion dollors it got and currently second highest animated film while Inside out released and termed as best Pixar animated movie and attains the highest position of a film released in the 21st century on the Top 100 Movies of All Time list at #11 .Hotel transalaviya also did reasonable business

4.2015 is having good number of drama,emotional and biopic

steve jobs released and already turned out a serious contender for Oscars and got many awards.Steven speilberg directed bridge of spies a drama of spies is released and critics totally bowled out by speilbergs magic.The walk story of a man who walked on a rope between world trade centre is a must watch film.Creed ,south paw ,Everest and so many other good movies are there

5.Best year for Action movie lovers

Mad max movie released this year and having real action scenes and with sharp editing this film is a must watch.Kingsman is having ultra modernized weapons and stylishly choreographed action scenes stole hears of action lovers all over the world.MI 5 released and bike chase alone is worth the ticket.Jurassic world,sicario,MAN from uncle ,spy,avengers age ultron etc

6.One of reasonably good year for Scifi movies

Not to mention it stars with star wars.Pleasant surprise is Matt damon-Riddely scotts the martian turned out to be a all time classic.Ant man is also did reasonable business compared to its budget.Hunger games also did great ticket sales with critical reception. Ex machine low budge movie turned a 2015 years one of must watch movie.Insurgent,chappie and tomorrow land are on this list

7.2015 a lots of experimentation

Decaprio alwase tries different movies but this time it is different.In all his movies he alwase looked the same interms of phical appearance(Ofcource not in acting-he tried different roles throughout his career) but in Reverant he looked nasty .Johnny depp is alwase being casted same type of pirates characterlike alice in wonderland ,lone ranger etc.But in 2015 black mass regained his respect as an actor .Sylvester stalon playing same action figure for a decade but in creed he repraised as Rocky and must admit he is still a great drama actor.Tomhardy’s legend ,will smith’s concussion and chris hemswoth’s In the heart of sea are on experiment movies list

8.Technically Sound movies interms of action,cinematography and editing

Although Spectre is an average movie editing in the movie is perfect especially the first action scene.In walk last 30 mins is a quite achievement interms of cinematography and Scicario is having so many nice aerial shots,landscapes and wide shots captured beautifully.Mad max is having perfect sound mixed for this year while starwars VFX is breath taking

9.This year Oscar game is interesting

Although there is not much interesting happening in best actor category in all other categories there are many nice movies competating  for 2016 Oscar race.

Inside out,Madmax,steve jobs,revenant,creed,joy,martian,bridge of spies,straight out Compton,carol.big shorts,joy,starwars,balck mass,In heart of sea,suffaragete,trimbo,sicario,son of saul,spot light,the walk,concussion etc

10.Best year for boxoffice

2015 has been best year for box-office collections for these 10 years as Jurassic World, Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Minions, have grossed over $1 billion each and inside out,spectre,martian,mi5 ,hunger games made above 700 million dolor




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