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Yevadu Release To Face Trouble

Ram Charan’s Yevadu movie will be releasing on 21st of August after a month’s delay. As per the reports, Dil Raju is facing heavy losses due to the postponement of Yevadu and it seems the movie’s release is likely to face more problems soon.

The protests and agitations at the Seemandhra region are going worse day by day and already the agitators warned that they would stop the releases of Mega Family’s films. We all have seen Chiranjeevi’spolitical inability before and this time too, being a leader from the Andhra region, Chiru failed to influence the Congress High Command and stop the bifurcation of the state.

Now, he is talking in favour of UPA government’s decision and this angered the SeemaAndhra people further. Based on these developments, there are many chances that Yevadu’s release will be troubled. A few sources also state that the agitators may boycott the film and attack the theaters in many regions in SeemaAndhra.

Though Pawan Kalyan’s Attaarintiki Daredi is releasing this week, it may not face much problems due to Pawan Kalyan’s personal image and the Pawanism influence (AD is likely to face a few protests in the Telangana region though). But the obstacles for Yevadu are evident as of now and let’s see whether Yevadu will be spared to an extent or not.

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