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Baahubali Review: Impressive epic with ground breaking war sequence.

Baahubali Review:

CinemaBabu Rating: 3.75/5

Cast: Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Tamanna, Anushka, Ramya Krishna, Nassar, Satya Raj, Adivi Sesh and Others.

Music: MM Keeravani

Cinematography: Senthil Kumar

Produces: Shobu Yarlagadda- Prasad Devineni

Story: Viayendra Prasad

Screenplay, Direction: SS Rajamouli

Release Date: 10th  July, 2010

Plot: King of Mahishmati, Amarendra Baahubali (Prabhas) and his wife Devasena (Anushka) ruled the kingdom, where people were living at peace and prosperity, until the cruel minister (Nasser) pair up with an evil king, Bhallaladeva and capture the kingdom by killing the king in a great war. Set in Ancient Era, Shivudu (Prabhas) after being orphaned due to circumstances grows up in a poor Forest Village near Mahishamti Rajyam. He falls in love with Avanthika (Tamannah) who is part of a Rebel army hiding and waiting for their Revenge on Mahishmati. What is the connection of Shivudu with Mahishamti forms the main plot. Since the kingdom now belongs to Bhallaladeva. Baahubali’s son Shivudu who is secretly raised by his mother comes back to the rescue of the kingdom. Did Shivudu rescue the Kingdom? Did he get to marry Avantika? is the rest crux of the story.

Plus: Prabhas Macho appearance & he did his best in two roles.Mainly in introduction,Post climax & in war sequences.Only thing that he needs to pick up in dialogue delivery. Rana did his whole career best performance & his attire was perfect. Dialogue diction was super. Anushka has no big role but okay & Tamanna did moderately. Nasser,Satyaraj and Ramya Krishna has powerful roles. Keeravani has given master stroke BGM & songs were situational. Technicians Senthil ,Peterheins, Sabucyril & Sreenivas were acted as a pillars of the film. Sabu Cyril has done a marvelous job with the sets.VFX effects were India’s best and production values were top notch. Jakkanna alias S.S.Rajamouli his vision has to be appreciable.

Minus: Slow Narration, Less Emotions, Tamannah’s episode is dragged.
The story line of Baahubali is quite routine and predictable.

Bottom-Line: Despise cliché story line, bad acting, predictability, Baahubali has none of these letdowns. A Brilliant story, constantly playing with your emotions, head and heart. The impossible becomes possible, a world where anything and everything happens. An epic tale of the struggle between good and evil. Baahubali is stunningly beautiful and a work of art out of the ordinary.Love, betrayal, greed, murder, corruption All collides in mythical world of Maahismathi. The art department has done a magnificent job by creating a whole new world from scratch. Costumes, armors, landscape, photography All has been done in well-known Jakkanna way.

For the Baahubali beginning Go With a few exceptions I would say then you’ll feel an epic show here, and I would really hope that they continue in the conclusion.


Reviewed By: Vinay…

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  1. Must watch ✌✌✌

    • Nice effort by rajamouli and genuine review other telugu websites are giving 3-3.25 which is low forthe scale of movie

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