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Best motivational pictures


Nobody rises to low expectations yes if you don’t have any expectations and want life to give you chance then you have toa ccept a medicore life Do it now sometimes later becomes novel yes if you hoping life/luck will come and you have to wait for perfect day then you are in fantasy Your future is created what you …

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batman best quotes


Most of dialogues from Nolan trilogy are brilliant Never judge a person by seeing him but judge by things he is doing The final Monologue of the film is best not only in batman series but it is one of the best in movies history but this quotes takes first place.I don’t know the source but the depth of quote …

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Funny article special – Why people hate twilight series


only first twilight is really good after that all sequels are trash the vampires are wrongly portrayed for real vampire movie watch tom cruises ‘interview with vampires A dialogue on friends how silly What kind of message they are giving to teens? A hero should have a mission what exactly Eadward character is doing in this movie? yep his character …

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Chiru looking quite energtic ine new photoes .seems Megastar comeback will rock movie audience. Wait for jan  

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