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Gachhibowli short film review-Hilarious take on software industry


whats it about? Its about a guy into get into software field and in part time he is doing a s an auto driver.one day he meets a software engineer as customer and conversion on software industry takes place and then what happens you have to watch Whats good? Don’t take this short film as personal as punch dialogues are …

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Hitman short film review -Terrific action scene


Whats it about? Its about a hitman mission to go against evil person s Whats good ? Editing is great and main guy is perfectly looking as a hit man.The action scene is the highlight of the short film Final verdict Action film lovers should check this short film

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2+2=5 award winning short film review-A beautiful message


Whtz it about ? In a classroom a teacher writes on board that 2+2=5.Some students says wrong and answer is 4 and when teacher scolds them they will say 5.But one student stands for the truth and says 4.The premise is simple but philosophy under that standing for truth even in adverse situations is brilliantly handled ,This you tube comment …

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Imagine Short film review -3.75/5


Whatz it about? It is a short film with about a disease Niemann pck and how a girl got effected with this Before the camera Only three characters are there and the girl got into the character completely Behind the Camera Direction is good, climax is too good visually ,emotionally and cinematically Positives Final Verdict An emotional short film with …

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