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Director Trivikram Srinivas films Analysis

Trivikram Srinivas who debuted with  Swayamvaram in Telugu film industry made a name for himself with films Nuvvu Naaku Nachhav,Malleswari,Manmathudu as a Dilaogue writer .He debuted with Nuvve Nuvve as a director and made Athadu,Jalsa,Khaleja ,Julayi and Attarintiki Daredi .

Trivikram is famous for subtle humor and thought provoking dialogues.He always sets his characters very jovial and aggressive.One thing from his films very notable is using Rain in films.His all films except Nuvve Nuvve having scenes where rain used as an emotion to elevate scenes.Many directors uses rain in films but trivikram got a special feeling towards it.Nuvve Nuvve isn’t having any rain scene may be Director Vijaya Bhaskar’s influence is there on Trivikram.Vijay Bhaskar never used rain in his films .Rajamouli and puri jagannath also never interested in rain scenes .Their films may be 1 or 2 having rain scenes .But trivikram each film have more than one rain scene and I am sure his future films will also have rain scenes.Rain can be used to elevate an emotion to next level or show a sudden change in the personality of the character.


1.In Athadu we can see rain  scenes for almost 25 mins of start of the movie.First assassination by hero in his younger days set in the rain. In this scene where he pulls his gun back from his back and kills a guy in the car.Rain used here as an elevation .

2.This is another scene where hero,his friend and his mentor escapes from the jail.Suddenly rain comes into the picture to elevate the scene.

3.This is a Rain song from Athadu movie .


In jalsa first intoduction fight in the mvoie shot in the rain.In start of the fight there is no rain .When pawan kicks a gus suddenly rain comes.One dialgoue uttered by pawan shows trivikram’s fascination towards rain “Varsham romantic scene lone kadu action scenes lo kudaa baguntadi “.


1.In khaleja in sequence of Interval rain is used.Here rain used as an emotion to elevate the scene.

2.When goons want to remove medical camp from the village  then hero confronts them.When a goon asks “nuvvu evadra”? Mahesh reacts as “Raju,Alluri seetha rama raju…”.Here Mahesh changed from a guy who wants to get out from the situation to a savior of the village.Here rain used as a change in the personality.


In this film rain used most among his films.First 30 minutes of the film will be in rain.

1.In hero introduction sequence rain is used very brilliantly..

2.When hero fights villains brother rain sequence is there.Here hero character is changed from a jovial guy to an angry man who is confronting a thief.

3.When Sonu sood got arrested rain used as a change in personality .Villain emotion till that point is just robbery but from this scene emotion is changed from robbery to Revenge .

4.Here artificial rain is the main backdrop for the love scenes.

5.A rain song sequence from julayi movie .

Attarintiki Daredi

In Attarintiki Daredi when watching the move I wondered where is the rain and thought that finally trvikram doesn’t used rain scene in his film but in last climax part rain comes .When boman iraani (Grand father) shoots hero’s mother accidentally. Rain comes suddenly and boman breaks down representing a change in the personality .



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