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Baahubali trailer Breakdown with photoes

Finally Baahubali trailer is here.Team worked hard for 3 years and we can see the effort.Its looking like hollywood movie and better than some Hollywood movies like hercules and other war movies.For around 170 crore regional movie trailer is outstanding.The visual effects,BGM and stunning action take the movie to a very high level.This is the biggest war movie for India from last 83 years of Indian Industry.So cinemababu putting trailer observations on the film.Note we are discussing trailer in as per our understanding ,these details can be true or can’t be true.As a movie fan we are putting our observations please dont be offended as we are discussing the story as per our imaginations.These points can be true or not but take in a fun way

1.Kingdom Shot

Clearly movie is set in two time periods.One is from Baahubali era and another one is from Shivudu era . Trailer opens with Kingdom shot and indeed it is on hills.

2.Anushka’s/Devasena Handcuffed shot

We can see Anushaka is handcuffed and may be she is being executed or being  thrown into a prison by Ballavadeva/Rana

3.Shivudu Child hood shot

‘Pyna Deyyalu Bhutaalu vuntati chinnapillalu ekkakudadu’.It shows these people are totally away from the kingdom and she is the one may be raised Shivudu .She is warning Shivudu to not to try the climbing

4.Shivudu Childhood mountain climb

Here young Shivudu trying to climb the mountains and he won’t able to make the climb as he is very young and he is not having such strength yet.But i think he tries repeatedly this climb in the movie

5.Shivudu entry 

I think this scene is the entry of grown up Shivudu’s character and he will again try to make the climb.

6.Shivudu’s Climb

As he is the destined one and as it is his destiny to raise and become a king like Baahubali  he will make the climb now .And the shot is too good and cinematography is top notch.

7.Shivudu meets Avanthika

Here a romance between Shivudu and Avanthiks being shown.May be she is the princess from the kingdom or local mysterious woman don’t know .

8.Shivudu is being attacked

These are the Ballavadeva/Rana soliders from the kingdom.Their dressing style is similar to the Rana in below shots.I think they are attacking him because he is having similar features of Baahubali

9.A big statue in ballavadeva’s Kingdom

Here all Baahubali’s statues are being replaced by Ballavadeva’s statues signifying a very cruel rule in the kingdom

10.Old Kattappa

He is Kattapa who is the follower of Baahubali.In this scene he holds a sword (with horse head ) of Baahubali .He will give to Shivudu in later scenes it seems.

11.Old BijjalaDeva enjoying cruel acts

As per the Charecter poster he is full of venom and he is a cruel person.He will the one who is supporting Ballavadeva and he will play a crucial role in the downfall of Baahubali king

12.Old Ballavadeva fighting

This will be a introduction scene of Old Ballavadeva fighting a bull may be.Rajamouli will show Ballavadeva’s strengh here.We can see Ballavadeva’s hair and beard looking old.

13.Kattappa bowing to Shivudu

In trailer we can here Shivudu’s voice echoing ‘nenu eppudu chudani kallu nannu devudi le chustunnayi’.Clearly it shows may be he is the son of Baahubali and kattappa bowing to him in this scene.

14.Shivudu asking who is he?

In this scene Shivudu asking kattappa ‘nenu evadini’.May be at this point we can expect Interval bang by revealing Baahubali’s flashback

15.Baahubali look

This is the look of Baahubali not Shivudu as in below shot we can see Kattappa and baahubali

16.War scene with tribals

This is war scene of  baahubali preparing for a war .Baahubali is the king and kattappa is his commandor.

17.Jealous Ballavadeva

We can see a jealous Ballavadeva who wants to take over the thrown and he is filling with rage by looking at the success of his brother baahubali

18.Kattappa and RajaMatha Shivagami

In character poster of Shivagami described as ‘epitome of Justice'(High dignity honesty in justice).But I dont think so she is good.There can be a twist in the role of Shivagami/Rajamatha . I think She desperately wants to his second son Ballavadeva to be the king.May be Rajamouli is cleverly misleading regarding the charecterization of Rajamatha.

19.Kalakeya in war

We can see Kalakeya fighting Bahubali soldiers.He is a tribal king and a blood thirsty warrior.

20.Ballavadeva serious look

This is Ballavadeva serious look from a war

21.Baahubali fighting tribal soldiers

I liked this scene from the trailer very much as Baahubali breaking a wooden armor of the tribal soldier.The sound effect is perfect in this scene

22.Baahubali killing Kalakeya

We can see a fight between Kalakeya and Baahubali.I think in this scene will kill kalakeya.What a wonderfull shot.

23.Baahubali the Beginning


Name of the movie

24.Shivudu being rescued

This scene will be from opening of the movie as young shivudu being rescued.Dont know who the person in this scene

25.Baahubali title with credits

At last trailer is ending with credits of the baahubali team.They deserved the praise they are getting for their work.

In summary story will be of Shivudu discovering his father (Baahubali)’s  strory from kattappa.I think they wont show the full story of Baahubali’s charecter in first part.They will show 50% now and they will show remaining story in second part in flashback mode.After the flashback episodes over ,in second part may be shivudu will be the new Baahubali who will raise an army and fights Old ballavadeva.

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