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Filmsets -What work you want to do on film sets


Article source – by Evan from his website Filmmaking isn’t only about directing or operating the camera. Crew, and all their various talents, fit into an incredibly complex filmmaking machine designed to grind hours into footage. So the question is: where do you fit within that machine? And what do you want to do on set? by EVAN LUZIGETTING WORK …

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Excellent article on questions a writer should ask himself


Source – cinemababu First ask yourself these questions 1.What is the feedback you got for your script? 2. is your script is minimum 90 pages? 3.How many revisions you made to the script? 4.Did your script is having individual character descriptions,treatment,sequnces? 5.Did your action scenes are having storyboards? 6.Is script divided to sequences ? 7.Are dialogues are relatble yo the …

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books to read for cinematography, screenwriting, direction


1.Syd field books on screen writing When I first read these books I really very confident that I can write a script , It is both technical and have lots of insight on how to write characters and how certain scenes should be written 2. In the blink of an eye on editing best book on editing which is very …

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Advice on how to enter into Film industry


On average  million  want to break into this industry but in reality some people only step into this industry and eventually less than 10 people will get a great success while other people just stay in the industry for the right chance. Unfortunately now a days Indian film industry is ruled by wealthy people ,people who got access to celebrities …

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nice article on sound and when to use in films


nice article on sound and when to use in films  from  element of cinema The iconic Jaws theme is a classic example of music that unnerves viewers. Music is one of the elements of a film’ssound design. It is different from dialogue and sound effects in that usually it does not have its source as part of the filmic space. Gunshots …

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THE KULESHOV EFFECT -whats it meaning in editing article


great article on the kuleshove effect editing  by elements of cinema read here In the dawn of the 20th century, cinema was a new art form, consisting of many techniques that hadn’t been fully developed. The elements of editing were among them. Filmmakers knew that you could cut and splice the film strip, but they didn’t thoroughly comprehend the artistic purposes of …

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How to create a great villian article on story writing


great article on writing a villain charecter source – nownovel com How to create a great villian Writers often spend a great deal of time developing their protagonists only to neglect their villains. However, learning how to create a villain who is three-dimensional is as important as the work you put into creating a strong protagonist. A villain who is too …

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Important Cinematic Techniques and terms table article on films


Great article explaining list of cinematic terms Source – www.matrix.edu.au/film-techniques-how-to-analyse-a-cinematic-text/   Films take us on journeys; we become immersed in worlds beyond our own. The best films lead us to ask questions about our world as well as ourselves. However sometimes it can be difficult to translate our reactions to film into meaningful English analysis. The table below provides some of the …

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