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Mahabharata special – Sahadeva and tragic burden of knowing future

As for some other version he knew everything and this makes sahadeva as one of the saddest character in Mahabharata .May be he cant see future at once but one by one after sometime as puzzle revealing itself , Main problem is he cant change people karma and he cant tell anyone what he knows unless they ask him specifically

There is even a story that Duryodhana came to Sahadeva for a muhurtha an auspicious time to start so that kauravas can win .So sahadeva respects tradition and gives best Muhurtha time to start war in favor of kauravas

Knowing this krishna changes whole universe time with his sudarshana chakra at that day and Kauravas start their war drums at wrong time

so sahadeva is most sad character who burdened .The representation from mythology it seems people want to know their future .They feel somehow it empowers them by knowing but truth it gives grief ,loss of control and confusion .knowing future is not a gift but a burden that most of humans cant take that unless they are spiritually advance beings

krishna maHABHARATA sahadeva

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