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Personal development special – Lessons we have to learn in our 20s


is most important thing given ti anyone.We always tend to postpone things and suddenly years pass .So if you want to do things do them with fixed time periods and take them as serious


These are always give you lessons .Everyone faces failed relationships in their life .Instead dwelling in past have to come out from them.its poetic in movies only but in real life its not good to hold failed relationships and over assess them


When someone says has a dream always he gets why he cant do it instead why he can do it .Sometimes dreams cant balance the facts but you have to take steps to start them even though you don’t know to what to do


You cant deny that int o day world communication is most important thing. In schools and colleges we will be learning talking fluently, boldly and neatly thats not communication .You can talk less and also communicate more its how much effectively you are conveying your point to other people that can be via text,phone or in person

5.Help people

we feel once i aged will help many people but not corrct. I think helping people and doing charity should be cultivated from childhood itself


Now a days people are coming with many names like smart work , efficient work ,convenient work etc .If you work with your full potential,determination and enthusiasm then automatically you will give quality work

7.Dont feel stupid to do mistakes

yes do many mistakes and learn from them.Join a violin calss,take travel and do kick boxing etc.Even if you fail in them still you will have more memories and skillsets than most of them

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