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baahubali series special – characters and references from mythology

Its really a visual epic although it has some drawbacks

  • The story is better compared to first part .In bahubali the beginning the war scene is on par with hollywood movies while in conclusion the war scenes are not that much great
  • The charecters journey is really fasinating and not even a single charecter is wasted in terms of acting .it seems most of the charecers are insired bt Indian epics like Mahbahrata,Ramayana and Amar chitra gatha
  • Amarendra baahubali charecter is soul of the movie .His character is like larger than life on level of great kings but I hoped more from him.The charecter can be used many ways but most of the time especailly in first half it revolves around devasena .The character is inspired from pandavas of Mahabharata

Amarendra bahubali is

  1. follower of Dahrma same like Dharmaraja and in the scene with confrotation with Sivagami shows this

2. Same like bheema he has enomorous strenghth like name itself is baahibali(one who is having strong shoulders )

The first entrance scene with elephants ,fighting in kuntala desha ,great strenght in war scenes shows this

3.Like Arjuna he is a master archer and a charmer with womwn and the love story shows this

4.Same like nakula he is master in diplomacy,engineering and using variety of weapons

5. Same like Sahadeva he is well read from childhood and having a great talent using and controlling animals

Totally we can tell easily that baahubali character itself inspired by Lord Rama like listening to elders,dharma as priority and as a great people king

  • Prabhas in serious scenes exceed in his acting and one of the best portrayel of kings .He is good in romance and humor also

Kattappa is like

1. Writer vijayendra prasad himself said that it is inspired by Bhishma’s character .Same like bhisma kattappa is bachelor ,very loyal to the throne even king is wrong he wil obey with king only

  • Kattappa humor in first half is really a great approach because the main plot is why kattappa killed baahubali so the fastest way to do that is by establishing humor between the main charecters.
  • The scene and episode of wkkb is really done brilliantly although the reason is just ok but the direction,acting and emotions are top notch

Bijjaladeva is like

1. Dhritarshtra – same he is also handicapped and his throne is given to his brother .This is the reason only he wanted his son to be the king

2. Manthara from Ramayana – Manthara, who accompanied Kaikeyi to Ayodhya as a trusted maid upon her marriage to Dasharatha. The older woman schemed constantly to further her own position at the Court. And since her position depended on Kaikeyi’s status at Court, Manthara lost no opportunity to feed young Kaikeyi’s insecurity and jealousy of Kausalya and her sons

Same like Manthara he constantly manipulated sivagami and created some kind od hatred towards baahubali

Shivgami is like

1. Kaikayi – she used to treat Rama as her own so n and infact Rama is having more affection to kaikayi than his own mother .He got exiled because kaikeyi feared that her son never will be a king

same baahubali is exiled from his kingdom as a king and Bhallaladeva became a king .those entire episodes we can see the Shivagami’s contradicting struggle with herself same like kaikayi between bharata and Rama .it all happened because kaikayi listened to Manthara same way Shivagami listend to Bijjaladeva

Devasena is like

1.Sita – is playful in her youth in her kingdom,indpendent and treats her husband as god and after swayamvara she went to Rama ayodhya’s kingdom and her life is full of struggles after that

In baahubali – devasena is happy in her own kingdom till she left with baahubali.There is a shot of elephant when the boat entering kingdom -the camera shows from low angle and we can see water is falling from elphants eyes like tears and devasena starring at that signifying her life follows struggle

Bhalladeva is like

Dhuryodhana – A egoist,completly jealous over her half brothers pandavas ,want to be a king at any cost

  • Great charecterizations,great cineamtograohy and sound mixing is awesome .Every song is nice to hear and visually so grand .Screenplay is also very good with constant suspense
  • The final 30 mins is somewhat weak in the film .We can’t measure their strenghts because this is many cneturies back and warriors at that time defontely a way stronger than comparing to our modern society but still some action stunts are little bit over
  • Finally movie is must watch for its technical brilliance,emotional story teeling and for its brilliant performances
Baahubali2 orabhas Rajamouli

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