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Directors special -Artistic Directors who make movies for audience

Artistic Directors who make movies for audience -There are many directors in this category but i am choosing 3 of them

Every director will make movies for their own satisfaction,expressing their views and giving something to the audience but only few directors will completely merge with art by experimenting different zoners

In holly wood I can say Terrance Malick is one of these kind director who and directs movies without considering commercial elements.

1.Tree of Life

Movie is about a man’s life journey from his birth to old age.The regrets he is facing for the things he didn’t do for his family always haunts and beautifully shot movie with philosophy of human existence

2. To the Wonder

Movie is about love and relationships.Couple faces problems due to many reasons movie shows marriage difficulties

3.Knight of Cups

One of my favorite movie.Although his movies won’t have straight narratives they are beautiful to see.This movie is about life purpose .A screenwriter dissatisfied with his career wants to find his life purpose

In bollywood I can see Raj kumar Hirani as the oofbeat director who makes movies for art .Although his concepts are straight forward he mixes emotions with comedy efficiently and he only did few films in his career

1.munnabhai series

Movie deals with a Rowdwy called by people but he is one of the purest human being from inside.How he helps people and the life experiences are being shown in the movie

2. 3 idiots

Every indian student should watch this film , it is about friendship,life and educational system of Indian colleges

3. PK

Although some what controversial film but it is a well made movie about superstitions in religions .Excellently directed movie

In telugu I can say Shekar kammula

1.Dollor dreams

Movie is about Indians aspirations to go to foreign countries and in 1990s it is very high and nice movie on this subject


Movie deals with corruption in india and how politicians are ruining this country future


best movie on college life

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