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Katama Rayudu working still

Katama Rayudu is remake of Ajith’s veeram which is based on brothers bonding .Here is the new pic of Katama Rayudu working still .Pawan is looking fresh in this village based faction drama

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Motivation special – How to find your true destiny

Most of people will say we create our own destiny and I am agreeing with it although sometimes it won’t exactly the way we planned but if we are persistent,determined and having a clarity then we can reach the destiny what we want to be we has to plan the events with detailed plans and backups then we can see …

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Hollywood special story – movies involving concept as time

I am giving movies where time involved – main actor to be performed some tasks in a certain time or worth of time , events unfolding wrt a time 127 Hours – A survival story Any person wants to be inspired and what exactly it will be in face of death should watch this wonderful movie 127hours.James franco actually held …

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Dhruva is in 50 crores club

Finally good news for mega fans.Movie reached 50 crore club and may end up around 57 crores.Karnataka became one of main reason as it bring 6 crores to the table.As of now 60 crores is a tough task but it is a great achivement considering current sceniario

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Nolan film Dunkirk trailer shot analysis

The trailer is really on Nolan level.The music,visuals and intensity seems this time nolan will get an Oscar Dun kirk is about – A group of soldiers lead by Corporal “Tubby” Bins (John Mills), stranded in France, must make their way to the shores of Dunkirk in hopes of a rescue. Back in Britain, Charles Foreman (Bernard Lee), a newspaper …

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Film Industries which are evolving be to Hollywood

I Think Asian cinema is evolving very fast The Chinese Industry is giving tough competition in action films budget wise and quality wise .Recent great wall is an example where Matt damon in portraying one of main charterer In terms of mystery thrillers Korean films stands great compare to hollywood ast 5 years 100s of Korean movies remade into Hollywood …

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