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Kumari 21F Movie Review

Kumari 21F Movie Review:

Cast: Raj Tharun, Hebah Pateland Others

Directed by: Palnati Surya Pratap

Produced by: Sukumar

Banner: Sukumar Writings

Music by: Devi Sri Prasad

Release Date: 2015-11-20

The much awaited Sukumar production, Kumari 21 F has finally hit the screens today. Kumari 21F raised curiosity with bold content shown in the trailers and has understandably caught the attention of youngsters.


Siddhu (Raj Tarun) is happy go lucky middle class boy who wanted to settle in Singapore. one day he falls flat for a beautiful looking girl Kumari (Hebah)  and gets amazed by her bold and daring attitude.  Siddhu is in a dilemma to love her or not because of her awkward behavior and keeps suspecting Kumari’s character and past. When Siddhu finally expresses his feelings towards her, Kumari says that he isn’t matured enough to love her. His suspicious attitude creates a huge rift between the couple and they break up.


Raj Tarun is apt for this subject.

Heba performed to the best of her capabilities.

some bold dialogues, Background music is another asset.

Cinematography by Ratnavelu is very good.

Noel, Naveen and Sudarshan are did a fair job.



High dose of boldness.

Only for Youth.


Bottom line:

Kumari 21 F is a bold attempt from Sukumar. This youthful film stays true to its genre. Sukumar has pushed the boundaries in establishing the characters. Also, it is high time that film makers attempt hard hitting films like these once in a while. brilliance of Sukumar’s writing comes to the fore and Kumari will leave a lasting impression on the audience either it is good or bad, if you manage to sit through the predictable nature of the script, Kumari 21 F will surely impress.

CB Rating: 3/5

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