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Movie special – Tomcruise Film and career Analysis

He balanced his career very much compared to any star. In 1990’s and early 20’s he is one of biggest super star with out associated with any super hero franchise .Only MI series is he associated continuously and all other films are action or dramas and still he got great boxoffice results.he did many dramas and nominated for 3 times to Oscar which is pretty impressive Some of his dramas listed below


One word extraordinary .See intensity in his eyes in the photo.Every scene he is in the movie completely rocked.Many film audience won’t consider tom cruise as one of the best actor but I think his star power always overshadows his performance but in the movie we only see vincent

The Last Samurai

The first 15 minutes itself we will get an idea about his characterization .The scene where other samurais beat him repeatedly but he raises every time to fight is an acting brilliance


One of most complex characterization .If you doubt his ability of his acting caliber watch this movie and especially the interview scene .You will understand the depth of his acting skills

Jerry Maguire

One more gem of Tom cruise career.Movie got everything love,passion and inspiration.The climax scene where he comes and proposes to his lover is one of finest performance

Interview With Vampires

Finally another brilliant performance .Forget twilight watch this masterpiece on Vampires you will definitely love Tom cruise’s performance in this movie

A few Good men – Movie which showed us the actor in Tomcruise and the movie has strong content


based on real events movie started great and tom cruise performance is brilliant but screenplay is very dull.Although a decent movie except Tom cruise charecter most of the characters in this movie are one dimensional

Rain Man

A good drama about brothers

Now not every actor is interested in oscar dramas.He many times said he loves to do all the stunts on his own and action is his favorite genere.And with such a boxoffice draw he has to do action movies.Not every actor will get a chance to act in high budgeted movies because production companies invests based on a star who can draw crowds with their charishma. So whatever Tom cruise is doing perfectly right .

He acted in most of genres and got succeeded while compared to any star. Take Robert downey Jr and he is only limited to Ironman role and he didn’t got that much chance to explore other genres after 2008 ironman release

Now take Tom Cruise filmography

His decent movies are highlighted as bold

Scifi genere – Vanila sky ,Edge of Tommorrow,Oblivion,Minority Report,war of worlds

Action genere – Jack reacher ,Top gun,Mission Impossible series ,the last samurai , Knight and day,Days of Thunder,colleatral

Drama genere – The Firm ,Rain man,bourne on Fourth july ,Rock of ages,Magnolia,Jerry maguire,A few good men

comedy genere – cocktail,Tropic thunder ,Risky bussiness

Horror genere -Interview with vampires

I think he is only few stars who succeeded in balancing many genres and many roles and he is still ruling boxoffice

Somebody posted his filmography set which is very good and you can watch any movies you missed

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