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10 Stylishly dressed telugu movies that elevated heroes Stardom


Everbody knowes Mahesh is a very shy person till that movie not only in acting but in terms of dressing style also.But in Khaleja Mahesh wore T shirts in most of the time and stylish dresses throught out the video songs.



Most of telugu youth tried those check shirts when Orange released.In this movie total costumes are good and it is Ram Charan’s best dressed movie till now.



Who Can forget this movie as it is elevated Prabash’s stardom to a new level.First time a Hero made formals look very cool.Although Mister perfect is also having good number of costumes but Mirchi’s costumes looked  way better.



Pawan got a good taste in costumes and he is always  a trend setter with Badri,Khushi .But after that he did not got that much chance till Jalsa .In this Movie Pawan Kalyan looked  trendy and urban cool.



Allu Arjune looked as a rockster in this movie .Tried variety types of boots and leather jackets throught out the movie.Bunny lived up to the reputation of his Stylish Star Brand.


Although Movie is not yet released adding temper to the list as NTR looked his best in his entire career.With stylish spikes hairstyle to the Skin fitting shirts NTR defientely raised the bar.


GopiChand looked always massy in every one of his movie but in Loukyam they tried different not only with his Charecterization but also with his dressing style.No wonder movie got good opening as his new style reached to every section of audience.



Nithin tried different hair styles and looks till this movie but the look he got from this movie is his best and he is continuing the same look after this movie released.

9.Run Raaja Run

Sharwanad who did rough and very serious roles till this movie.In this movie he played an eccentric lover and his dressing  styling is very nice throughout the movie.


10.Greeku Veerudu

Who can think at this age Nagarjuna will change his look.With his new style of beard and youthfull costumes Nagarjuna looked too young.


Arundhathi Sonu soodh

Just Kidding  ***

aRJUN Mahesh Nitin ntr Pawan

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