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Nenu Sailaja Review: Romantic Drama where writing is clever and humorous

Nenu Sailaja Review: Romantic Drama where writing is clever and humorous

Star Cast: Ram,Keerthi,Satyaraj, Pradeep Rawat & others

Music Composed by Devi sri Prasad

Production House: Sravanthi Ravi Kishore

Directed by Kishore Tirumala


The plot is childhood friends Ram and Sailaja played by keerthi will be separated and will meet in their 20s.Sailaja is deeply neglected by her father while Ram proposes to every single girl and desperate for true love.How they will meet and will Ram regains his love or not you have to watch on the screen


  • A different script is well executed with nice performances from Ram and keerthi. keerthi looked as next door girl and her performance is subtle while Ram did 100% to the role by not over doing.Definitely better than his previous commercial films
  • Devis sri Prasad is the backbone of the film .Songs are too good and visually also they felt the presence
  • Pradeep Rawat/Bikshu Yadav is quite hilarious in his role and his addressing people like ‘uncle ,babai ,dryfruite‘ are evoked great response in theater
  • Cineamtography is good and all shots are good
  • Direction is neat in his vision


  • second half is not exactly routine but we seen those scenes in lots of movies
  • editing need to be focus in 2nd half
  • although climax is handled neatly expected  a more in emotions

Bottom Line:

Defenitly movie is a new story in first half while 2nd half is on routine way but with catchy music,well acted performances from the leads and supporting actors ,the director utilized his script carefully and executed a movie which caters to all  mainly youth and families also will connect to satyaraj’s  character.So watch it

CB Rating: 3.25/5


Review by Cinemababu

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