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24 film review – A great Sci fi thriller film with Indian emotions

24 Film Review - A Great Sci Fi Thriller Film With Indian Emotions

Directed by Vikram Kumar
Produced by Suriya

Starring Suriya, Samantha, Nithya Menen, Girish Karnad, Saranya Ponvannan
Music by A R Rahman
Cinematography Tirru


The plot is about two twins and a son.Shivakumar is a scientist and builds a time machine in form of a watch.His evil twin Aatreya wants to take that and fails and he losts his 26 years of time.Now shivkumar sin Mani is a watch mechanic and he accidently finds key to the 24 watch and uses it.So how aatreya contacts Mani and how Mani uses time travel concept you have to watch on big screen

24 film Analysis –

We have seen many Hollywood movies in time travel concept but in Indian films rarely who got to see these concepts.So first hats of to vikram team to pulling this rare feat.First 30 mins is treat to watch with intro of all characters and main crux of the story. The way screenplay unfolds is amazing. Movie pacing is good but love track between Samantha and Suriya will be tired of some time but if you remove those scenes you cant relate to time travel concept used in main scenes.So vikram kumar cleverly explained what this watch can do using love scenes so that audience can relate these concepts in next scenes.Great way of telling a story.Interval is a big high of the movie. Second half stars slowly but once Aaatreya enters again then movie will picks up.Many twists are there in second half and all done very brilliantly with out losing clarity in screenplay. Climax is also done brilliantly but expected more grand sequence as it is a Sci fi genre

  • Surya is on top notch form in this movie especially in Aatreya character he lived completely.
  • Ajay got more screen time than Samantha  ,Samantha also did good comic relief and she equally beautiful in comic songs and in one scene Sarnya did brilliant acting emotionally .
  • On screen songs looked good.
  • production values were top notch especially scenes involving young Aaatreya.
  • Great cinematography By Thiru
  • Editing is awesome as it is a time travel concept there will be many jump cuts,fast movie scenes and time freez scenes.If editor is not good then audience would have been confused easily but in 24 editor is another biggest asset as he cut scenes with clarity


  • Love track in some scenes becomes repetitive especially in second half
  • On screen songs are good but no song is good to listen so audience distracted in these songs,
  • Although climax is good expected more grand sequence it felt like happened very quick


Vikram kumar is now officially joined big directors of Indian cinema with his 24.This film you should see for amazing concept,breath taking visuals and ofcource for suriya.Go to the theater with an open mind and movie wont bore you and you will come out of theater with a feeling that you watch one of best movie in recent times. So finally 24 is a grand scifi thriller mixed with Indian emotions and you shouldn’t miss it.Go and watch

24 film  Review: A great Sci fi thriller film with Indian emotions

CB Rating : 3.75/5

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