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what is plot,story and structure in script writing


One of best filmmaking article on plot strucuture by filmtechniques http://filmtechniques.blogspot.in/2007/08/plot-story-narration.html In narrative, a plot or storyline is the rendering and ordering of the events and actions of a story, particularly towards the achievement of some particular artistic or emotional effect. A plot is “the arrangement of incidents” that (ideally) each follow plausibly from the other. The plot is like …

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30 less popular movies bur really great movies you should watch


These  movies here are less popular but really good movies 1.Collateral One word extraordinary .See intensity in his eyes in the photo.Every scene he is in the movie completely rocked.Many film audience won’t consider tom cruise as one of the best actor but I think his star power always overshadows his performance but in the movie we only see vincent. …

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Katama Rayudu on a good start


Katama Rayudu on a good start  for sirst day collections but the test is from monday.While fans satisfied to certain extent   normal audience feeling it is a just another routine commercial movie.As per the first day collections it collected arond 39 crores which is standing on overall 5th position on tollywood higest grossing list  

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Dark knight bank robbery scene analysis


Dark knight is my first batman movie and I didn’t read any comics.i got idea on only batman charecter so I went to this movie assuming another comic book with for children The first shot itself I am drawn into the movie with great Hnaszimmer soundtrack we wil see first entrance of Joker with his mask Ther scene is brilliant …

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Batman actor Christian bale oscar nominations analysis


First he already won for his role in The fighter.Academy won’t give easily oscars even leonardo decaprio waited for many years and his every nomination is a ground breaking performance Coming to the bale he did terrific movies but many are not worth Oscar wins.His performance in Americ hustle is great but other nominations are so strong .Mathew for Dallas …

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Nicholas cage career and films analysis


its better to call him actor who did pretty bad movies.i think he is a versatile actor and can pull off complex roles if he get a good director.Some of the films where he did terrfic job Face off A different concept well executed.Nicholas cage did terrific job with his villain antics and equally a good performance as a family …

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