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Best Time to Reach my Goal – NoFilmSchool

“The best time to reach my goal was 20 years ago. The next best time is Today.” – Unknown

Come on film enthusiastics. Get ready with your scripts and team to work because we are going to publish articles on how to make movies cost effectively with minimum team. You need not require a film school degree or assist a film maker for gaining experience on how to make movies. We put forward what we have observed and learned as indie film makers. These articles are helpful for those who wish to learn the crafts involved in film making and are trying to utilize those resources for making a movie.

No Film School:

The first and foremost tool we ardently follow is “” website. This website was developed with an intention of helping out independent film makers who wish to develop cost effective movies. It clearly explains the in and out of the film industry. It also covers up to date technological inventions in the field of film making industry which will help us to develop our projects with minimum crew and zero budget.

Have a glance at this website ( and explore deeply for resources which might help you guys to make your dream project.

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