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Mahesh ,kajal and Samantha discussed on brahmotsavam interview video


1.mahesh wants to take more takes to make direction vision is coming on screen

2.he got emotional for climax scene when doing dubbing

3.Mahesh said srikanth is very pure

3.This film is pure on family emotions

4.For Mahesh director is most important and after story discussions he completely submit to directors vision

5.Mahesh said trivikram got huge talent and once he listens story he didn’t think about whether the director can pull it off or not

6.Samantha liked her character very well

7.Kajal said she got a nie role compared to the other films

8.Mahesh said this is also a love story

9.Pvp did his best to complete the film on schedule

10.Mahesh is waiting for the result as he did something new

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