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Movies list which are taking place in aeroplanes


a well dome thriller.Not best of Liam neeson bur it is pretty good with the suspense

2.Air force one

harrison ford and as president and air force one


A drama and a charecter study of an alcoholica addicted pilot


comedy calssic.Try this movie it will give you laughts

5.Top Gun

Its got mixed reviews but it got cult following .The bromance,tom cruise style and songs /soundtrasck is awesome.All aviations scenes are breath takingOne of highly recommeded entertainment for a raint day


Another tomhanks masterpiece

7.Up in the air

Not exactly movie palcing on aeroplanes but hero travels on planes because of his job.A drama on recession and jobs situation

8.The Aviator

Leo plays the real life character of Howard hughes.He is in various getup through out the movie.The eccentricity he brought to the character is awesome. Martin sorcese is again proved what a great drama director he is


Movie is on airport and how an immigrant finds temporary residence


a good action movie on how a family escapes earthquakes

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