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Filmmaking – Difference between novel,script writing and directing

Novel writing

It is free writing where writer can put their thoughts into words .Novels won’t have specific rules to follow so it is much more creative compared to all other writings

Screenplay writing

It is more visual writing compared to Novel writing as screenwriter has to give some specifics like location,charterer name ,transitions etc.A screenplay will have 90–120 pages based on script.Normal rule is 1 min is 1 page

Screenplay writing is based on 3 act structure and 90% scripts will follow this rule

screenplay contains specific template guidelines to be followed


Direction is more dynamic process and contains of technical knowlege with creative mind.writing is one of the process in among many direction crafts like cinematography,editing ,art direction etc,While writing is a story told on paper direction is bringing life to story on screen. In writing you can’t see images while directing is moving images .Direction is a video/visual medium while writing is a reading medium

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