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Saving Private Ryan Steven speilberg’s gem movie analysis

If you ever wondered what is best army movie ,My answer is Saving Private Ryan.

Steven speilberg is the king of directors.He touched almost all genres and this is a war film .

I watched it around 2009 and I am not a big fan of army movies but the opening scene itself shows his mastery on the craft.the camera is moving around and Tom hanks eyes of confusion,the torn bodies shows the horror of war and how soldiers are continuously working for our safety

The 30 mins war sequence is one of best choreographed action scene in any war film and the ending 45 mins is comes close next to it

The sniper scenes is handled very brilliantly with tense moments and actually you will feel the shill factor in your nerves .The tanks,guns and other war instruments are true to the era and production design is great

Tom hanks crying scene with shaking hands after a confrontation with his team itself a piece of art in movie history

The end where he saved Ryan and US airforce comes to the rescue the single shot is definition of patriotism

If you still not watched it watch immediately you won’t be disappointed

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