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Writers special – writing stories and creating wonderful art

  1. Understand writing is a very serious craft and one has to do lots of handwork for the same.
  2. Every human is a story writer some use high level skill and some don’t .So first one has to accept that writing is easy but great writing is very difficult
  3. Start slow like writing a 30 page short stories then move onto writing a novella like 70 pages.Feature length novels are more than 50k words or around 200 pages
  4. Have a peaceful mind before you write anything .
  5. Ready set novel is a book to fill the outline etc.Use these kind of workbooks so start the process and structuring novel.
  6. There are many how to do books but ultimately you has to write something on per daily or weekly .
  7. Writing down your bones-The authors says in the book that one has to write everyday even a small paragraph to give their brain a creative flow
  8. Read or watch chris fox .He is very detailed and some useful information on novel writing.His book writing 5k words is one of the best in writing genre.
  9. Kboards is one of the online forum for busing writers .
  10. Finally detach with outcome but just focus on writing
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