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Tyler durden philosophy on life analysis from Fight club movie

  • one  to understand the essence of what Tyler durden represents in the movie or book .
  • Tyler is the person who wants to live his life to the fullest without any boundaries .His intentions are good but the path he chosen to show his philosophy to the world is bad .So what is his philosophy
  • The primal philophy of the Tyler is

People identify themselves with the relationships they are in ,the job they are doing and the cars they drive etc.The true essence of life is to know yourself ,your talent and how you want to spend your days in the society .

Lets take an example .A man is seeing beautiful car of 5 lacks at his neighbor everyday .He wanted that car so he was sweating and doing overwork by cutting his family ,friends and hobbies.After an year he bought that car .He was very happy for his achievement .He woke up and proudly started his car .His happiness vanished in seconds .as he could see his neighbor bought a car worth of 15 lakhs .

Most of people in society estimates their worth with the things .They don’t care whether these things necessary or not.

Same thing happens with many marriage couples also.They will buy beautiful homes .Neighbors will always compare their married life with others by things.They will never know that the neighbors are really happy inside in their marriage ? but they always feel inferior by the things owned by the others . they will buy more expensive stuff compared to their neighbors and feel superior .

  1. So never compare your worth with materialistic things and never try to copy others

Yes its true .You fell people really care about others but the truth is most of them won’t care about your problems.They may show their affection with words but nobody willing to solve your problems .

2.If you have problems then don’t rely on others ,take advice but you have to solve yours by your hardwork . there is no other way around

3 .How much you plan there will be always surprises ,so when surprises happen don’t burden yourself but try to think and act smart

it will be impossible to live tyoler durden philosophy but if you try to implement something from this you will be better than most .The quotes looks simple buy if you are try to sincerely apply in everyday then you will feel the difficulty

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