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Why justice league failed and how villains make masterpiece movies article

villains. From critics to audience to filmmakers everyone know that villains are important in movies. Yes i get it Marvel gets away every time but lets compare some of the villains of DCEU with marvel for movie

  • Marvel understood that they dont have awesome villains from comics so they creates powerful heroes with very well defined supporting characters
  • Important point is here marvel was able to get away only with individual movies not with team based movies or league based movies
  • Next is expectations .if you know the ratings of Thor 1 and 2 with DCEU then you would fell some bias from critics but I disagree.The expectations matter for viewers.If a thor movie is average yes they will easily get 60% with ratings while a BVS not able to get it because of expectations .You given us an above average movie with a bad climax (You can not get rating of Thor because here we are talking about most powerful superheroes coming on screen for first time in human movie history )

Dr strange

One of the worst villain featured in this movie but at least a strong supporting characters are written especially the mentor character and a strong supporting villain


Loki is one of strongest character and featured in Avengers.If lets say dormandu is the main villain in avengers the movie would have been still a hit but not on level they received with Loki as villain .Its a team movie so powerful villain is needed here and Marvel delivered it

Avengers age of ultron

Here movie failed because of not so developed villain still ultron is an average villain and movie was thoroughly entertain able with powerful heroic charterers .A weak villain with not confusing story and strong characterizations

Civil war

Very strong fight scenes and very strong supporting charterers including spyderman .Not a weak villain but the conflict is very strong

gaurdinas of the galaxy

ok villains but powerful characters .The supporting characters are major plus especially yandu


wonder woman

A very one dimensional villain and shows up at the climax and the character arc is also not convincing but it is worked because its an origin movie .Strong supporting characters and a solo movie


Fairly decent villain but the movie is boring in parts and confusing in terms of screenplay .No strong supporting characters .The main villain and hyped of fight between batman and super man is disappointment .I am not talking in terms of visuals and fighting style but in terms of story conflict between characters .The expectations are very high and a weak villain for a team based movie

justice league

A good team building story but weak characterizations. Weakest villain .He is not even an actor but a voice over CGI .Stroyline is very basic frankly a graduate in film school can writer better whole villain story line.

If stroy line is basic then you have to execute them very brilliantly but except superman scenes whole movie is boring.Even the superman is just beating the villain in climax like avengers (hulk with loki but still that point Loki character moved the story .He teared apart the avengers ) but in this villain is like a video game villain .With his single stupid objective

The batman is a joke in this movie which is quite a shame to Nolan series .the depth of superhero with no super strengths showed brilliantly in that movie.The determination,the pain and and the strong zeal to save the world is not shown in this

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