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Campus Selection Telugu short film review – 3/5

it about ?

A guy sees a girl at a campus interview and how he finds her after that and how his love story will move you have to watch the film

Before the Camera

Lead actor did good and comic timimg is nice ,he is remainded me like Tamil star Dhanush in some scenes,All other cast are done nice a nd locations are ok for a short film

Behind the Camera

Director wrote nice dialogues and story is zero and climax is little bit hurry, Cinematography is neat with nice selection of shots.It seems director heavily influenced by Puri jagan,some of dialogues

‘abbayi ammayiki Gatam lekapote baguntundani korukuntaadu,ammayi abbayiki bhavishattu vundalani korukuntundi ,

‘Maniratnam cinema¬†ani vastey meher Ramesh¬† cinema ni chupistara’

‘Sai vaadiki hai cheppi oka chai cheppu’



Final Verdict

OK short film with nice dose of dialogues




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