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Christian bale birth day special – best roles he portrayed on screen

Happy birthday to most brilliant actor Christan Bale

One of the finest actor of this generation.His dedication to the craft is inspiring to upcoming generations.He is one of great acting talent can do any type of role.i am giving movies only I watched


This movie is having a twist for every 15 mins. Nolan again proved a master storyteller with this movie.Christian bale ,Huge Jackman and Michel cain shined in their roles .The end will shock you and you will wonder why you did not noticed .Are you watching closely this is the opening dialogue of the movie which will reflect whole movie. Every time you watch this movie you will get a new clue.Bale did one of best work in his career through this film in two characters settled performance with brilliant emotions

The Machinist

Another great movie which can be compared to fight club for its theme.Bale lost so much weight portray a factory worker

American Hustle

In contrary to Machinist he increased his weight to suite the role.He plays a con man who got many insecurities with his look and his married life is a mess

The first scene where he puts his wig establishing character here

Watch it powerful performance from all actors

American Psycho

Here bale maintained a perfect body as a fitness freak

A villain can’t be more terrified than this.Movie indirectly satires on corporate culture

Watch this serial killing theme movie and with ending you may get confused and leaves a though on audience for their understanding

The big short

Christian bale completely nailed the scenes although he got few scenes.His appearance is as real as original Michel burray interms of dressing style,the weird conversations and the drum playing when he got tensed.In last scenes when he calls the bank and says ‘can you transfer ” he completely nailed in it.

You can see his moral dilemma because he is making money but total America’s future is going backwards for another 10 years.When he is putting clients money in this premium he is gone through many abuses from clients but when he made them millionaires nobody thanked him .On recession day when his clients made millions because of his vision he puts a mail that ‘he never cheated any one and people believe only in results but not the sincerity “that whole scene is emotionally done

3.10 To Yuma

One of the neglected western classic .Villains are terrific and lead actors Russel crow and Christian bale did great job with style


the gun sequence in the end is brilliantly done and movie is a set out in a future time .Bale is so good in action like a bond

Knight of Cups

A screenwriter who is disappointed with his life recalls his memories to figure out his calling .If you are not watched it yet you may give a try and movie is really will have a great impact on you

Expressions will be little and he won’t talk in the movie most of the time but still you feel his emotions

Batman begins( pain and fear)

batman learn how to overcome pain and what it can do to a human.This theme is captured by bale brilliantly and most emotional film in batman series

Dark knight -Chaos

  • Batman is confused to continue as a batman or not .Total city is in chaos and Joker is the face of it ,in chaos how human should act is the concept of climax of the film. Is humanity can survive in face of Chaos?While joker says it can’t but Batman believes that still humanity will exist in Chaos

dark knight rises (Hope)

  • dark knight rises movie is all about hope.See below quote defines bane character and it is reflects the same to Batman .When he is not batman i.e Bruce Wayne nobody cared only when he put the mask and became batman he became a symbol of hope.
  • One of brilliant scene and bane captured Hope,struggle and winning in one scene

hope Chrsitian bale will do much more great movies in years to come and entertain audience

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