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Cast : Jr.NTR, Samantha, Pranitha,JayaSudha, Shiyaji Shinde, Ajay, Nassar and Others.

Directed by : Santosh Srinivas.

Language : Telugu.

Release date : 29th Aug 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5.

Music : SS Thaman.

Bottom Line : A Man who takes up the job to reunite the families.

Plot : Karthik ( Jr.NTR ) wants to fulfill his mother ( Jaysudha ) wish. He tries to woo indu ( Samantha ) in the course of fulfilling his mother wish. Dhanunjeylu (Shiyaji Shinde) is the father of indu. He is against love marriage. Indu tries to save her friend from getting married with a goon called Bulli reddy. Karthik accidentally saves indu’s friend from bullireddy and his gang. Indu falls in love with the guy who rescue her friend from a plight. She is not aware of karthik’s identity and starts to trace him with only source of mobile number. Karthik and indu become good friends. He promises indu to find her unknown boyfriend. In the meantime karthik saves Peddhi reddy’s ( JP) life from Gangi reddy (Nagi needu). There is a feud between gangi reddy and peddhi reddy. Karthik even comes to know that peddhi reddy is the father of bulli reddy. How karthik will reunite the families of gangi reddy and peddhi reddy? How indu comes to know karthik is her real boyfriend? Why he want to reunite the two families? How will he fulfill his mother wish? Are main parts of the story.

Young tiger NTR is struggling to a bag a blockbuster at box office. His previous attempts with Ramayya vasthavayya & Baadshah are gone in vain. This time he has teamed up with one film old director Santosh srinivas ( Kandireega fame) to do some magic at box office. The captain of the ship comes up with a routine subject which revolves around families reunion. He has tried his best to follow the hit formula of recent movies. Narrative style is quite hackneyed. Cliche one liners, routine comedy and unnecessary action sequences are big draw backs.The dance choreography is not upto the mark. Editor should have used his scissors very well. Action choreography chuckles the audiences. Cinematography is just okay. Except Rakashi Rakashi song,
Music scored by ss thaman is not at all impressive. Production values by vara siddhivinayaka productions are good.

Im wondering what made jr. NTR to choose this kind of subject. He needs a blockbuster hit at this plight.If he continuous to choose this kind of subjects he will face a tough time in the industry. Coming to his performance, This kind of role is not new to him.He did it brilliantly. Samantha has been doing this kind roles very often in recent times so she essayed the role in a perfect way. Pranitha subash has done a good job in a limited role. Brahmi did a great job. Veteran actors Nassar and Jayasudha haven’t got much scope to flaunt their acting prowess. Shiyaji shinde, Ajay, JP and Nagineedu have done good job. The supporting cast are okay.

The first half is mediocre, second half is quite entertaining with a routine comic scenes. Although, It is a routine comedy, few scenes have managed to chuckle the viewers.We have already seen this kind of subjects before. So, director should have concentrate on refreshing scripts instead of routine subjects.

Jr. NTR and Brahmanadam have given their best to entertain the audience. However, Rabhasa is absolutely one time watchable. Go and watch on this festive weekend.

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