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Top life lessons Mahabharata teaches us

1.Dharma is the biggest and sacred in whole universe.Following dharma on your right beliefs is the ultimate offering to the god

2.if you love what you do then you can excel.Example is karna and Arjuna

3.krishna talking about the dubious nature of the human

4.If you mind is saying one thing and heart is another there is a war inside you which will neither do good not get you any success

5.Another hard truth people always want easy success and cry if they don’t achieve that

6.People are criticize constantly and fight among due to family,religion and caste but truth is one own worth is based on his good deeds not by your ancestors

one of the best lesson from Geetha.If you are blindly attached to the results then fear comes…when fear comes doubt arises in mind and you won’t even start your work

Whenever you got infused in your life just put you hand on your heart and ask the question eventually the answer will come from universe

Kauravas not understood him while pandavas opened to the truth so krishna helped them

Read bhagaveetha at least a sloka when you are confused it works on your soul

Finally one of best lesson on how to live life

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