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Chinnadana Neekosam Telugu Movie Review

Cast : Nithiin, Mishti Chakraborthy, Naresh, Sithara, Ali, Madhunandan and Others.

Directed by : A Karunakaran.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance Comedy Drama.

Release Date : 25th December 2014.

Rating : 3/5.

Music : Anup Rubens.

Bottom Line : Amazing first half, Disappointing second half.

After three consecutive hits at box office, Nithiin has choosen the romantic entertainer subject again, and this time he teamed up with A. Karunakaran, who is popular for his romantic entertainers. So, there is a lot of hype on this movie. Finally, the wait is over. Chinnadana neekosam is slated for release today worldwide. Allow us to tell u whether Nithiin gonna bag an another hit or not.

The movie opens with A Happy-go lucky guy named Nithiin (Nithiin) impress an old man, Reddy garu ( Nassar ) on a train. One day He comes across a girl, Nandini (Mishti Chakravarthy) and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Nandini tries to get a pent house for rent in reddy garu house, But the old man shows reluctance. Nithiin promises nandini to help her only if she visit his house. Nandini wins the hearts of his family in no time. At this juncture, Nandini and Reddy garu go to barcelona in the name of European trip. Nithiin learns that nandini deceive him. What Nithiin will do? Why Nadini takes Reddy garu to barcelona? How Nithiin will win his love? Forms the crux of the story.

Director A. Karunakaran, that name is enough to arouse the curiosity about ‘Chinnadana Neekosam’. His debut movie ‘Tholi prema’ with power star pawan kalyan broke all the box office of that time. He is expert at making romantic entertainers and this time Karunakaran teamed up with pawan kalyan die hard fan, Nithiin and made chinnadana neekosam. This is a love story blended with melodrama.The captain of the ship has succeeded at elevate the chemistry between lead actors. Dialogues penned by Harshavardhan,are good. The first half goes smoothly and offers alot of fun but in the second half, it goes with sluggish pace and the movie abruptly ends. Editing by prawin pudi should have been better in second half. Andrew’s cinematography is nice. Music scored by Anup rubens, is good. Production values by sresta productions are top-notch.

Nithiin has earlier nailed the lover boys roles with ease. Even this time he did a great job. There is a lot of Improvisation in his moves. Indeed, This young lad will give a tough competition for the other best dancers in Telugu cinema. Bollywood actress Mishti Chakravarthy did a fabulous job on her debut interms of acting, but she didn’t get a chance to exhibit her dancing skills. Definitely, this Bengali beauty will bag more offers from telugu cinema producers. Veteran actor Nassar has done a good job. Sitara and Naresh have done a brilliant job. Passable performance by Ali. Madhunandan and Josh ravi have been wasted. Supporting have done a nice job.

On the whole, Second half is not as better as first half. Finally, Nithiin bagged an another romantic entertainer hit at box office. Business wise, This festive season will add fuel to the collections. Watch it for a good first half and the lead actors performance.

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